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Power Landed Systems

PLS training module has been designed for teammates to be confident and prepared to transact landed properties successfully. Participants will attain in-depth knowledge and technical aspects of the landed property segment to close deals. Strong focus placed on creating presentations for owners with pricing mastery, building and utilising.


Power Commercial Training

Power Commercial Training is debuting in 2020 and we have veterans who are focused in the commercial segment to share their expertise and specialized knowledge. The  course is structured  for RES who like to gain a foothold in this highly lucrative and niche segment and also for full-fledged residential RES to diversify their business into this segment.

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Power Resale Technique

Power Resale Technique (PRT) is the latest & brand new training initiative from Powerful Negotiators Group. Many agents have been wanting to penetrate the private residential segment (especially resale), however they still face challenges applying what think they know because resale is not just what you know but how you deliver your presentation to win over the clients by value-adding.

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Power Selling Ignition

 This course is mainly for New agents who are looking to plan a successful business model, to learn how to stand out in project marketing, how to speak to private owners about asset progression. You’ll learn the essential financial skills to speak to investors, as well as, upgrading your clients from HDB to PTE properties.

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Power Up Plus

Objective – Equip all Salespersons the knowledge on how to select the right property sectors to focus on. They will be given the Right techniques & Systems and all the steps on how to get started no matter which sectors they decide to choose.  They will be expose on Landed, New Launches and Resale markets too.  At the end of the session, they will be able to select the right sectors to kick start their career.


Power Res Study Group

PNG RES study group is created for potential RES to equip themselves with the know-hows to tackle the industry examinations. Study Group Trainers placed emphasis and  focus on deciphering the contents of the 2 exam papers to better inculcate the knowledge needed to clear the exams. Speak to any of our PropNexians for more details and we welcome you to this evergreen industry

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Power Selling Technique

This is a program teaches our people how to be a Real Estate Wealth Planner (REWP) for our clients. Our focus will be sharing with our people how to help their clients to grow their wealth via assets and using our strategies that we have created since 7 years ago. This program flow focus on 4 main segments which are Creating Needs,  Wealth Planning (Concepts),  Risk Management Skills & Plans & Actions Strategies

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Power Up HDB

This training module aims to equip all participants with actual on the ground action steps, skills, scripts and checklist to be competent and proficient in closing HDB transactions in today’s market as a seller’s agent & buyer’s agent. The training provides step by step practical training on how to prospect, present, transact, & close HDB deal. Teammates who wish to penetrate the HDB upgraders 


Leverage on our trainings


Training programmes can be distinctly divided into three categories: Personal, Professional and Success & Wealth.


  • Personal

    • Personality Profiling and Coaching

    • Training the Trainer Programme

  • Professional

    • Real Estate Salesperson Course (Approved by CEA)

    • Sales Mastery Programme

    • Pricing Mastery Programme

    • Recruitment Mastery Programme

    • Agency Leader Development Programme (ALDP)

    • Commercial Mastery Programme ​

  • Success and Wealth

    • Ultimate Property Seminar on Real Estate Investment
. Discover how to choose properties that can maximize your investment, regardless of the economical climate. Better understand government regulations, market trends and the many diverse opportunities that await you as an investor in the real estate market.